Camden Diocese Charismatic Conference

Led by the Spirit of Jesus Christ

11, 12 & 13
Wildwood, NJ

25th Annual Camden Diocese Charismatic Conference

The 25th annual Charismatic Conference was at the Wildwood Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ on the weekend of October 11, 12 & 13.  The theme for the Silver Anniversary event was, “Your every act should be done with love.”, 1 Cor 16:14.  Adult, Senior High Youth and Junior High Youth Tracks were offered with a Creole breakout session with Fr. Yvans Jazon on Saturday.


The Adult schedule included Praise and Worship, Masses and sessions by multiple guest speakers on each day of the conference.  Saturday afternoon combined the healing missions of our diocesan priests with Fr. Pio Mandato and Kathleen McCarthy.  If you missed the conference, or any of the speaker’s sessions, they can be ordered using the form at the link below.  Order forms for both 2012 and 2013 are included.

For our 25th anniversary, music ministries from both past and present were invited.  Martin Doman and George Misulia joined together to provided music that warmed the hearts of young and old and lead all to praise the Lord with glad voices.


Saturday night brought the adult and youth tracks together for a Mardi Gras type parade in the main conference hall, followed by our youth witness. 

Saturday night brought the adult and youth tracks together for a Mardi Gras type parade in the main conference hall, followed by our youth witness.  This year we were blessed to have testimony from an adult who attended many of the conferences as a youth, our own Fr. Kevin Mohan, who was ordained in May 2013.  We also listened as many of the youth described their personal encounter with Jesus during the weekend’s events.

Two tracks were set up for the youth attending the conference.  The Senior High track was run by Catholic FX.  Catholic FX, based in the Allentown Diocese, provided Praise and Worship Music, talks and discussions along with breakout groups for young men and women. 

The Junior High Track was run by Paging Samuel, who provided lively Praise and Worship, featuring some original songs, skits, vocations talks and small group activities. 

Both track joined for Mass with Fr. Ariel Hernandez, who explained the miraculous image of the Lady of Schoenstat entrusted to him.  He encouraged all to consecrate themselves to Mary, joining with the Holy Father’s intentions.  The tracks also joined for Eucharistic Adoration both nights, where all who attended were able to have a personal encounter with their Savior.  Lives were changed.  We thank our priests and deacons for their special efforts to make these sessions so powerful.

The final Mass on Sunday is the culmination of a weekend of prayer, healing, sharing and praise.  The mass was concelebrated by so many priests from different backgrounds that, Fr. Rene Canales, principal celebrant and moderator of the Camden Diocesan Charismatic Conference Committee, called the United Nations.

The priests joined for a wonderful rendition of the Irish Blessing, lead by Fr. Yvans.  As part of the sending forth, Fr. Krysztof Wtorek, lead the band with an original song, “Go out to all the world and tell the Good News”. 

The meditation at Sunday Mass includes Word Gifts from conference attendees.  These attendees pray for inspired words from the Holy Spirit for all conference attendees to take back with them.  This year’s Word Gifts can he read and heard by clicking the link below.

Check back for additional pictures and commentary, along with audio and video clips.  If you have something you feel needs to be shared, please contact us at